Transforming The World at Work

Unleash and focus the full potential of your people, your teams and your organization, by creating a high-engagement, performance-oriented culture.

What We Do

Since 1982, Scherer Leadership Center has been helping leaders around the world to transform their lives and their organizations.

You can reach out to us to:

  • Develop and sustain high-performance teamwork
  • Unleash true leadership across your organization
  • Turn conflict into creative thinking
  • Facilitate large scale change
  • Ensure successful mergers and acquisitions

Reach Your Full Potential

The challenges you face today as an individual, team, or organization, are precious opportunities for learning, transformation and growth.

The bigger the challenge, the more courage, commitment and skill are required.

Our work is assisting you in awakening to a new experience of yourself, bringing newness to life.


Upcoming Events

Check out the upcoming events near you hosted by SLC consultants and facilitators.


Leadership Development Intensive Warszawa

Leadership Development Intensive Workshop conducted  in Polish by Ania Broniek and Przemek Gawroński. TAKE YOUR CHANCE AND DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR BEST SELF! We aim to organize the workshop as an on-site event, if the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic allow to do so, otherwise, the workshop will be held online (ZOOM).   Event […]


Anna Broniek
Przemek Gawroński


Leadership Development Intensive Kraków


Leadership Development Intensive March


Leadership Development Intensive April


We were chosen by:


"What we accomplished together in guiding significant portions of a complex merger process still amazes me—and our colleagues at work.”"

– Aga Kropacz
Coach Organizational Effectiveness at Netia

"It was a tough but spiritually-enriching experience for me, a real journey to undiscovered territories of myself. An eye-opening exercise for sure. I highly-recommend to any C-level executive who is ready to be the best they can be"

– Andrzej Szostak
CEO, Apator

"We were a pretty good company before, but with John teaching us, we have become great, surpassing our strategic and financial goals ahead of time! Not only the way we work together has changed but even the satisfaction and success we enjoy."

– Tom Clarke
CEO of u2i