Webinar series: Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work


Learn how to turn your everyday experiences—at work or at home—into developmental opportunities for yourself and those around you. Be someone who gets the lesson!

Embark on a journey with two intrepid and experienced explorers to explore your old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving on the way to discovering new ways that open doors to greater purpose, power and peace.

Your guides on this journey, Dr John J. Scherer, Dorota Nawalaniec and Aggi Cielarska, are experts in leadership and personal development, as well as exquisite facilitators and workshop leaders.

The name of the series comes from John’s latest book, ‘Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work.’

In each episode, our hosts will tackle different aspects of life, inviting us – the audience – to engage in powerful conversations and shift our perspective, leading to new and meaningful discoveries.

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