Tamya Olszańska

Tamya Olszańska is a renowned specialist in leadership development. Under her guidance, professionals discover their unique talents and resources that enable them to create inspired solutions in alignment with their core values. Her passion for innovative approaches to development made her one of the pivotal players who energized the expansion of the alternative education movement in Poland in the last decade.
She has supported leaders in business, education and NGOs in realizing their visions, putting their values into action and creating organizations with clear communication and structures reliant on trust and humanity.
Tamya is the go-to person for many people all over the world to reach out to when facing a crisis or wanting to bring their personal life – or organization – to the next level.

Tamya's Story

Tamya’s passion in creating possibilities of growth for herself and others led her through a journey of 20 years of leading trainings and awakening transformation for broad range of topics and industries. Her methods and approach are informed by a variety of formal trainings and a unique blend of personal experiences, drawn from sources ranging from academic psychology through leadership development and organizational growth, to alternative schooling, as well as bodywork and meditation.

MA in psychology, changemaker in the field of education, she became one of the pivotal figures in the Polish democratic school movement. Since 2011 she has remained the president of the Association for Innovative Education „INEIDA”, and continues her efforts to support educators in many countries, including Indonesia and Peru, as well as parents seeking a more conscious path in being with their children. Her work and impact she had on the Polish alternative education scene got her nominated to the Leadership Academy for Poland (one of the Europe’s premiere leadership development programs for outstanding Poles). Since then she has intensified her focus on empowering leadership and supporting top-level executives in awakening their leadership potential and increasing their capacities and efficiency.

Regardless of whether she is working with an individual or an organisation, she skillfully brings people closer to their inner wisdom and resources, supporting them in identifying and facing current crucial challenges and creating the most efficient responses and solutions.


Fields of Expertise

Executive & Leadership Development

Facilitating Change and Development in Organizations

Turning Conflict into Opportunity and Connection

Alternative Education and Conscious Parenting

Effective Communication

The most precious gifts can be found behind fear, anger, rejection and other inner states we run away from.
The courage to look for love and wisdom both in the people we judge and in our own actions – is what transforms a bleak life into one worth living. 
Freedom and responsibility are not in opposition, but form two sides of the same coin. One cannot be responsible without the freedom to decide, just as one can never be free without taking full responsibility for one’s choices.

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