Facing The Tiger – Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work – Interactive Book


If you found yourself wandering in a jungle and a tiger came upon you suddenly, what would be your (human) instinctive reaction to do? Run? Yes, run!

But, if you run, your chances of survival are basically zero. However, people who live amongst real tigers recommend you turn and face the tiger! Now there are no guarantees here. The tiger might still eat you. . . But the simple act of turning toward the tiger creates, not a guarantee, but chance for a different outcome, something other than what would be the result of your instinctive or default response.

What kind of tigers do you have in your ‘jungle’? Maybe tough decisions to be made, or difficult people to deal with, or choosing the next chapter of your life? Your ‘tigers’ can be large or small, but each one represents an opportunity for personal growth and deep development. ‘Develop’, from the Old French ‘desveloper’, which means to ‘un-wrap’ or ‘discover’ or ‘reveal’, like when you take camera film to ‘be developed’.

We like to think each human being appears on the earth with a three-part assignment: One – to continuously discover and develop into the fullness of who they are; two – to fully express who they are into the world; three – in a way that makes a creative contribution to Life.

Facing the Tiger: Unleashing the Human Spirit the Human Spirit at Work we will show you how to turn any ‘tiger’ into a ‘home-coming’ moment of powerful self-discovery.

This interactive book is a deep learning experience with videos, audio, excercises and examples that will help you get the most out of it for yourself.

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