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LDI is NOT Leadership Training, it is Leadership DEVELOPMENT. From the Old French, 'desveloper', which means ‘to discover’, to ‘unwrap’, to ‘find’. LDI helps you discover, unwrap, find your inner source of purpose, power and peace. Find out how your default reactions to difficult and challenging situations ('tigers') have been driving—and limiting—you.
Take a big step toward changing from an 'automatic' to an 'authentic' way of living—and dealing with confrontations of any kind. You are a leader and a human being.
Discover the person inside the position. Become the leader you are capable of being. The effects are transformational and lasting.

5 questions
that change everything

Q1: what confronts me?
Q2: what am i bringing?
Q3: what runs me?
q4: what calls me?
q5: what will unleash me?

The LDI is not just a ‘sit-down-and-take-notes’ kind of experience. You will learn important models and theories, like The Waterline, Three Worlds, TOV, Persona/Shadow, Mindfulness, Well-Being, and many more. These powerful tools equip you to transform your workplace into a powerful vehicle (or ‘Dojo’) for personal development.
LDI builds on your strengths and helps you discover and use capabilities you may have not known you possessed, or ones you have been reluctant to use. Sessions are designed to challenge your current way of thinking, to relax and strengthen your body, to expand the ways you manage yourself, thus maximizing your performance—and the performance of those around you.



8 outcomes you can expect:

Knowing the difference between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed
Unhooking from counter-productive reactions and patterns
Producing extraordinary results in the face of obstacles
Being able to resolve un-resolvable conflicts productively
Becoming a communicator who hears - and is heard - deeply
Turning work into a powerful vehicle for life-long personal and leadership development
Tuning into the deepest personal source of power and strength
Working with a greater sense of purpose, power and peace

The LDI experience

    Pre-work – a 30-minute online EQ self-assessment and 360 questionnaire sent to selected colleagues (and Life Partner) to help set your development goals for the course.
    Pre-call – a 60-minute online conversation with one of the Facilitators, serving as an introduction to the program, its content and logistics.
    3,5-day facilitated individual and group development session with many experiential activities. Days start at 7:30 with gentle stretching, aikido, and mindfulness training, followed by morning and afternoon learning sessions. Workbooks are provided.
    POST-LDI GROUP CALLS – Two 90-minute group calls to assist in ‘facing tigers’ and applying LDI learnings.
    RE-ASSESSMENT – Do the EQ self-assessment (and 360) questionnaire to measure your progress.
    1-1 COACHING – Optional 1-1 coaching sessions are recommended.



This is open to people across the board.


This is designed for intact teams - very powerful when leadership teams do the LDI together- the level of understanding and depth of relating as a result of the LDI and the subsequent impact on communication, decision-making and closeness goes far beyond any other experiences on the market. This is particularly important for Leadership Teams because how the whole team functions has wide-spread impact on the entire organisation.


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