This is our signature programme. Since 1987, the LDI has been running in 30 countries with thousands of alumni. It is a unique development experience that focuses on expanding leadership capabilities no matter which stage of your career you are.

The LDI is also a valuable programme for anyone who uses ‘self as an instrument of change’ such as coaches, consultants, therapists and facilitators.

It is based on Five Questions that Change Everything:

What Confronts me?
What am I Bringing?
What Runs me?
What Calls me?
What will Unleash me?

We guarantee that in the three and a half days you will transform your effectiveness by:

  • Expanding your capacity as a leader
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Increase your chances of finding greater fulfilment

When the workshop is experienced with intact leadership teams, their effectiveness is transformed by:

  • Building a greater sense of connectedness and trust
  • Being real with one another
  • Increasing team member’s effectiveness at dealing with conflict and differences

The LDI is currently delivered in two formats: The Open Programme and the In-House programme.

The Open LDI

This is open to people across the board. We’ve had in our groups- Senior leaders, managers, artists, facilitators, coaches, students, pastors, freelancers, technical specialists, doctors, lecturers, bodyworkers…a big mix of people.

The In-House LDI

This is designed for intact teams- very powerful when leadership teams do the LDI together- the level of understanding and depth of relating as a result of the LDI and the subsequent impact on communication, decision-making and closeness goes far beyond any other experiences on the market. This is particularly important for Leadership Teams because how the whole team functions has wide-spread impact on the entire organisation.