Which of these quotes speak for you?

  • We have a leadership team that needs to learn how to drop the egos and work together for the common good. Individually we are capable, together we are somewhat dysfunctional.
  • We have organisational units or key individuals who just cannot work together and it is affecting our productivity and morale.
  • We are facing huge changes and need to create culture that is more open and ready to let go of the past and fully embrace the new future.
  • We have been ordered to cut cost and at the same time to improve productivity.
  • People are working hard but without the high levels of engagement needed for maximum performance.
  • We have high potential people who need something inspiring and empowering to help us keep them and unleash their contribution to the organisation.
  • In some areas of our operation we need real innovation. Nothing we have done resolve the issues that are holding us back.
  • We have been growing rapidly and have not had enough time to prepare our managers for what they need to do.
  • We need to see managers having greater ownership of issues and are capable of resolving conflict between themselves without needing to escalate matters to senior levels.

Our process usually involves:

  • Meeting with the client to ascertain the scope of work, to clarify the needs and agree on the major steps in the interventions.
  • Interviews with key people to gather data from a diverse sampling of stakeholders.
  • The use of data gathered to feed into the planning and design of interventions in collaboration with a small cross-functional team/ group.
  • Delivery of interventions.
  • Review and follow-through with client.