What is our Vision?

To enhance the quality of leadership, working relationships and they way we work together so that we can all move closer to our greater purpose and help one another realize our potential in a good way.

What is our mission?

We are actively looking to work with people and organizations who are interested in ‘Bringing Newness to Life’. To us, this means whatever the challenges you are facing today- as an individual, as a team or as an organization- those challenges are precious opportunities for newness and learning because the bigger the challenge, the more it requires us to fundamentally shift our way of thinking, acting and feeling. Our work with you is to make this happen- we call this Our Great Work. We are no ‘spring chicken’! We have been doing this since the 1970s.

Our way of working

We like to work with ‘real people with real issues in real time’. This means we want to help you connect with things which are critical for you to address- with yourself and with others. By engaging with what is really going on, or, as we say ‘facing the tiger’- we have a greater chance of making better decisions and taking impactful action. We have been in the field of Change and Transformation since 1970s so we are not experimenting on you! Rather, we are experienced enough to experiment with you without getting lost in the process!

Why are we in Poland?

This is a question often asked by clients including Polish ones!

In Poland people are hungry for learning and growth and there is also a generosity of heart. People/ teams/ organizations are ready to be real with one another to talk with each other about things that really matter- and they have delivered the most amazing results—more than any of us could have imagined.

But at the core of everything, polish people have been particularly receptive to what we have to offer: extensive and deep experience in facilitating transformation and a style of working which is safe, challenging, loving and real.