The big idea:
Every work team and organization must be able to respond to a constantly-changing environment. This requires fully engaged people at every level. Rather than conduct training programs in engagement, the L & E Process simply engages the entire organization, from Board to Front Line People!

The outcome:
A clear picture of what is working—and not working—throughout the organization, many breakthrough action recommendations for Board decision-making, and a workforce that is more aware, engaged and therefore innovative.


It starts with a Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) for the CEO/GM and the Senior Team. LDI is a 3-1/2 day offsite that opens decision-makers to even greater commitment to authenticity and transformation, starting with their own group. It is impossible to lead a transforming organization unless the senior team is ‘ready’ and willing. (Contact for more LDI details.)


Next comes the Management Development Intensive (MDI) for middle managers and/or supervisors, deepening their skills and ensuring their support for the breakthrough ideas that are sure to come in the L & E Process. Without their full engagement and ‘ownership’, the process cannot produce the intended results.


Starting with an All Hands Gathering, each work team is involved in identifying what is working/not working for them operationally and where breakthroughs would be helpful. A cross-functional, multi-level Steering Group collates and prioritizes this data, feeds it back to the whole organization, and creates Breakthrough Action Teams to address the most important issues. Decision-makers are kept informed and take action. With L & E, everyone is engaged in a process that leads to innovation.