Working with the top three levels of managers in a successful Fast-Mover/ Challenger mobile operator, SLI was tasked with assisting them in revising their core values that could be used strategically both internally and externally. As a sophisticated organisation, they wanted to use the new core values as principles for day-to-day management decision-making and motivating the workforce in getting behind a single purpose. They also intended to use the core values in articulating their customer promise- thus creating greater alignment between employees and customer experiences. SLI worked partnered with their team to design and facilitate a series of meetings/workshops that:

  1. Selected the best three values using a profound but simple process that included representatives from across the business and levels,
  2. Facilitated each department in giving operational meaning to those values [‘What does ___ look like when WE live by that value in our department?’], and
  3. Prepared Board Members and the top Leaders to go out into the field for a day to job-share with front-line employees in manning kiosks, answering telephone complaints, making sales calls, and other customer-facing activities in order to road-test the new values.

The subsequent communication of these values was self-organising and rapid. The process was regarded as groundbreaking by our competitors. For our client, these three core values remain central to the company’s DNA. The stories and excitement generated by this initiative are still re-told and felt today.