• Business and personal development trainer, counsellor and coach, with working experience in a corporate world in an HR specialist role. Professional with a quick mind, an inspired intuition, a gifted facilitator of personal development in men and women at any level in an organization. Her clients include Siemens, IBM, AonHewitt, Microsoft, Netia, DHL, AmRest, KBC Group, BZWBK, Citi, Coca-Cola, and many more. Participating also in organizational development for clients – 360 degrees feedback, employees’ evaluation programs, models of competences. Certified as the Leadership Development Intensive facilitator. Gestalt counsellor with jungian inclinations. Member of Polish Psychological Association.
  • Her education in psychology and journalism led to creating a series of articles on personal development for the clients of Polish training company Pathways Polska and on her own blog.
  • Her passion is artistic expression – supporting people to release from bonds and renew through artistic activities like singing, acting, painting and movement. She leads workshops for women, for mixed groups, for teenagers and children. She also works with dreams, inspiring to more conscious choices in life.

contact: dorota@baika.org;
website in Polish: www.baika.org