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We are a global consortium of experienced consultants, coaches, change facilitators and leadership development specialists committed to TRANSFORMING THE WORLD AT WORK (TM). Our "source of wisdom" is Dr John J. Scherer, whose exceptional knowledge and experience inspire us everyday. Our mission is to guide leaders to unleash their lives and their organizations, thus transforming the world at work so that people profit and planet benefits. Whatever the challenges you are facing today - as an individual, as a team or as an organization - those challenges serve as precious opportunities for newness and learning. The bigger the challenge, the more it requires us to fundamentally shift our way of thinking, acting and feeling. Our work with you is to make this happen - we call this Our Great Work.
We want to support you in connecting with things which are critical for you to address - with yourself and with others. By engaging with what is really going on, or, as we say ‘facing the tiger’- we have a greater chance of making better decisions and taking impactful action. We have been in the field of Change and Transformation since 1970s, supporting the development of leaders and organizations all over the world. We are present on 4 continents, business and community leaders from 42 nations have already graduated from our Executive and Leadership Development Intensive programs.
We have a network of wonderful people committed to unleashing the human spirit at work. The defining characteristic of our team is that we practice what we preach. We are all committed to the mission of personal and organisational transformation.
International "MotherShip" (Warsaw, Poland)
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